Our Directors

Lalita Salas (Executive Director)

Lalita knew very early on that she had a passion for teaching and initially studied to become an elementary school teacher in her native Argentina. Parental influence directed her to another path, and she became a pharmacist. This gave her knowledge of traditional medicine and chemistry; however, her love of teaching and spirituality kept pulling her in a different direction. She turned to yoga and moved away from traditional pharmacology to what she called the “pharmacy of the kitchen,” and the power of food as medicine.

In 1991 she came to the west coast of Puerto Rico with her husband who had accepted a professorship at Mayaguez University. Lalita had become a certified yoga instructor at Kripalu in 1984, and continued teaching yoga in Rincon, Puerto Rico. There she met a woman who taught yoga at the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute.

Experiences, community, history, and purpose all converged to bring Lalita and Ann Wigmore together on July 4, 1991 when Lalita came to the AWNHI to fill in for the injured yoga teacher. As Lalita tells it, “Ann Wigmore was the first person I met when I arrived and I felt such emotion. It was like my heart was leaping inside of me.” This meeting was to lead to an extraordinary connection between them. Lalita had found her mentor and her mission. Ann Wigmore had found her successors. Lalita and Leola Brooks would become the keepers of the living foods legacy.

When she is not teaching at the Institute, Lalita travels throughout the United States, South America, and Europe teaching and sharing the wisdom and embrace of the Living Foods Lifestyle®. Thousands of students have been touched by her broad knowledge, immeasurable kindness and boundless love. Lal

Leola Brooks (Co-Director)

Leola Brooks, with her great talent for public speaking, ability to connect with people, and good humor, was a highly successful lecturer for a leading weight-loss organization for 10 years. She was also one of the founders of the San Francisco Living Foods Support Group.

In 1991, a year after she retired from 35 years of administrative work for the U.S. Government, Leola received an invitation from Ann Wigmore to join her at her newly opened Institute in Puerto Rico. It was a moment in time when life experience, skills, the desire to learn and serve, the love of adventure, and a commitment to the Living Foods Lifestyle® all came together to open the next door.

Leola had made annual visits to the original Optimum Health Institute in San Diego from 1980-91, and had been an invited motivational speaker at the Creative Health Institute in Michigan on several special occasions honoring Ann Wigmore. Both of these institutes had been started by former students of Ann Wigmore who would regularly visit to lecture and offer inspiration. Leola and Dr. Ann met at one of these lectures and Dr. Ann quickly recognized Leola to be a talented, passionate communicator. Leola became Dr. Ann’s assistant at many speaking engagements and Dr. Ann would often invite Leola to speak about the Lifestyle.

When Leola accepted Dr. Ann’s offer to come and work at the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute in Puerto Rico, she agreed to stay for only 3 months. She never left! Leola continued to study with Dr. Ann who often told her “Leola, you have a mission here at the Institute.” Leola soon realized this was true. “I was meant to be here and learn.” She became a Reiki Master, a Biofeedback therapist, and a beloved teacher. After Ann Wigmore’s death in 1994, she became Co-Director of the Institute along with Lalita Salas.

Today, at 85 and a half, Leola is still a dynamic, inspirational speaker and teacher. She credits her longevity and vitality to the Living Foods Lifestyle®. She continues to share Dr. Ann’s legacy with people from all over the world. Leola’s deep wisdom, great warmth and contagious joy are an inspiration to our students and staff alike.

ita knows the Universe continues to “weave the threads” of her life.

Pamela Camhe (Executive Administrator)

PamelaPamela Camhe first came to the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute in 1998. She was familiar with Ann Wigmore’s work and, after a serious health scare, decided it was time to learn more and heal. She did both. She loved the Institute and the Directors, and returned as a graduate many times over the next 12 years. During a visit in 2009, Lalita told her they were in need of a colonic hydrotherapist. Pamela decided to study and earn her certification. After graduating, she returned to the Institute to complete an internship, under the tutelage of Lalita. She became the main colon hydrotherapist at the Institute in 2010.

Pamela’s dedication, talents and loving nature were obvious to Lalita and Leola, and, in 2012, they asked her to become a member of the AWNHI Board of Directors. She became Administrative Director at the end of 2012. As Administrative Director, Pamela works with all of our departments helping them create and maintain the unique experience we provide for our students, and she continues to make great strides in increasing the Institute’s outreach and visibility. She is dedicated to positioning the Institute for a secure and enduring future true to Dr. Ann’s vision and mission.

Pamela is also a photographer and has exhibited in New York, Amsterdam, Paris, and Lyon. She was a sought-after fundraiser for non-profits from 1986-93, and has also produced theater festivals in NYC.