Getting Here

We typically arrange your transportation from the airport. It is very important we know your estimated time of arrival before your travel date. If you are arriving after 4:30PM, the office will be closed.

Before your arrival, arrangements are made with you for your room access. If there is a flight delay, the driver will be tracking your flight number and time of arrival. 

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Traveling to the Island by Air

Puerto Rico is an independent Commonwealth in association with the United States and so, if you are a U.S. resident, your U.S. Passport is not necessary for air travel to the island. The identification documents required are the same as those used for state-to-state flights.

When traveling by air to the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute in Puerto Rico there are two preferred airport options:

  • Fly from the US to Rafael Hernández Airport (BQN) in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico via Jet Blue, United Airlines or Spirit Airlines. Upon request, AWNHI will make arrangements for a car service to pick you up at the BQN airport at no additional charge (does not apply to Off-Campus Graduate C.A.M.P. reservations).
  • Fly from San Juan International Airport to Eugenio Maria de Hostos Airport (MAZ) in Mayagüez via Cape Air. Upon request, AWNHI will make arrangements for a car service to pick you up at the MAZ airport at no additional charge (does not apply to Off-Campus Graduate C.A.M.P. reservations).

Traveling from San Juan

If your flights lands in San Juan and you choose NOT to fly to Eugenio Maria de Hostos Airport (MAZ) in Mayagüez you have two options to travel from San Juan to Aguada:

Rent a car (google coordinates 18.380031, -67.219311)
Take public transportation
Renting a car
If you prefer to rent a car, you may rent it at the San Juan airport and then drop it off at the Aguadilla airport. It takes about two and a half hours to travel between the two airports. We will pick you up from the Aguadilla airport at no additional charge if you give us advance notice (does not apply to Off-Campus Graduate C.A.M.P. reservations).

Most major car rental agencies are represented at both airports. Car rental companies may charge an additional fee for this one-way drop-off service. Some students prefer to keep their rental cars for use during their stay.

Driving Directions from San Juan to Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute in Aguada: (or click here for google map directions)

  • Take highway #22 toward Bayamon, remain on #22 and go towards Arecibo. At Arecibo, the road will curve left – Take route 2 Oeste (west), which will become 2 Sur (south).
  • Continue on 2 Sur (south) you will pass signs for several towns, including Hatillo, Camuy, Quebradillas, Isabela, then Aguadilla. After Aquadilla, you will come to a traffic light. Walgreens will be at your right. Church’s Chicken, Burger King and Auto Zone will be on your left. GO straight.
  • Continue on 2 Sur (south) to the next traffic light where there is a pedestrian bridge crossing over the highway. At this light, take a right onto 417 Oeste (west).
  • After driving approximately 1.4 miles, you will pass a PUMA gas station on the right and then come to a light. After the light, drive almost .1 of a mile (one tenth mile) and turn left onto Avenido Nativo Alers.
  • Stay on Avenido Nativo Alers. You will pass Auto Zone on the right, a Banco Popular on the left. At the next light, First Bank will be on the right and Professional School Supply on the left. Keep straight, through the light. Continue on this road. It will curve around to the right. Follow this road until it ends at a ‘T’ intersection. The intersecting road is Route 115.
  • Take a left onto route #115 toward Rincon.
  • There is a center divider with several, large terra cotta pots where the road splits into a ‘Y.’ Bear left to stay on Route 115. Do not go onto Route 441.
  • You will pass Total gas station on the left. After driving between .40 and .50 (four tenths and five tenths) of a mile past this station, you will need to make a right turn. You will see a hanging sign, El Tronco de Caro Restaurant (a food stand), on the right, and a sign directly after that says El Original Kioskito De La 115. Then you will see a sign that says Cabañas del Palmar, and underneath that will be the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute sign.
    These signs come very quickly, one right after another. Make your right turn immediately at/after these signs. At the head of the road onto which you’re turning, you will see another sign for, Muebles Y Ensures at ground level. The turn-off is easy to miss so please pay close attention. If you pass two, ten-story buildings on the right, you will have gone too far. Turn around, pass those buildings again (now on your left). Shortly after that, you will see a speed limit sign on your right that says 35 MPH. The left turn to the Institute is directly opposite that sign.
  • After you turn right, you will see a two story building on your left and the Ann Wigmore sign. This is where our office is located. You’ve arrived!


Public Transportation from San Juan to Aguada

Buses operate daily from 6:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

For reservations, call Linea Sultana, Inc. at 787-767-5205 or 787-765-9377. You must call them in advance. The bus ride will take approximately three to four hours. Tell them to drop you off at the Mayagüez airport. Please call our office between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Atlantic Time to arrange for pick-up from Mayagüez airport. There will be no additional charge if you give us advance notice. (does not apply to Off-Campus Graduate C.A.M.P. reservations)

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If you have questions or wish to schedule or reschedule your next visit, call 787-868-6307 or email:

General Inquiries: info@annwigmore.org

Reservations: Reservation@annwigmore.org

We look forward to welcoming you to our healing center.


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