Living Foods Lifestyle® Two-Week Course

This signature program provides a comprehensive learning experience that includes The Basics of the Living Food Lifestyle® (first week), and Enhancing the Living Food Experience (second week).

The Living Foods Lifestyle® Two-Week Course is for those interested in learning all about Living Foods for themselves and their loved ones, and for health care professionals who want an in-depth understanding of the practice and power of this lifestyle to share with their clients and patients.(See Program Dates)

We designed this course to give you the choice of taking both weeks back-to-back (highly recommended) or you may enroll in one week at a time. We strongly suggest that you take “The Basics” week first but it is not mandatory. New Students who take the “Enhancing” week first (the 2nd week of our 2-week program), will be charged an additional fee for the required special orientation classes. (See Program Rates)

First week: The Basics of the Living Foods Lifestyle®

All essential aspects of the Living Foods Lifestyle® will be covered including the value and many uses of wheatgrass, the value and preparation of Dr. Ann’s Energy Soup, food preparation including Rejuvelac™ and other cultured foods, food combining, eating techniques, internal cleansing, growing sunflower greens and wheatgrass, and more. As you learn and live the “lifestyle,” you will enter into a self-healing process, and begin to cleanse, detox, and rejuvenate.

All essential aspects of the Living Foods Lifestyle® are covered including:

  • The many uses of wheatgrass
  • Preparation Dr. Ann’s Energy Soup
  • Making Rejuvelac™ and other cultured foods
  • Internal cleansing
  • Food combining
  • Eating techniques
  • Growing sunflower greens and wheatgrass
  • and much more…

Second week: Enhancing the Living Foods Experience

During the second week, we expand and deepen the knowledge gained in The Basics course. You will learn additional Living Foods preparation techniques and recipes for sauces and dressings, dehydrated foods, nut patés, desserts, and more.

Enhanced Learning:

  • Advanced food preparation techniques and recipes
  • Making dehydrated foods
  • Making sauces and dressings
  • Making nut patés, desserts and more

Certificate of Completion of the Living Foods Lifestyle® will be provided with the purchase of our online program and completion during your stay at the institute.

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