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Lalita, originally from Argentina, has formerly served as Executive Director for the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute for almost 30 years. At the beginning of her career, she originally held two degrees: in pharmacy science and education. However, she grew interested in natural healing modalities in the 1980s as she became a Kripalu-trained instructor of Yoga. Around that time she became a natural health advocate and moved away from traditional pharmacology to what she called the “pharmacy of the kitchen,” and the power of food as medicine.

From 1991, Lalita trained directly with Ann Wigmore, after finding her mentor and her mission. As well, Ann Wigmore had found her successors in both her and Leola Brooks, who shared leadership of the Ann Wigmore Center after Ann Wigmore’s passing until 2022. Lalita has been a Senior Instructor holding expertise in all aspects of Living Foods Lifestyle™, colon therapy, yoga, and Lifestyle coaching.

When Lalita is not teaching on our campus, she travels throughout the United States, South America, and Europe sharing the wisdom of the Living Foods Lifestyle®. Thousands of students have been enlightened by her broad knowledge, immeasurable kindness, and boundless love. Lalita speaks two languages.

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