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Body – Mind – Spirit

Most people come to the Institute to transform their lives. They have the desire to make their lives better and think some form of transition is necessary. Much of the class work at the Institute revolves around the factual information about using Living Foods and natural practices to achieve optimal health, thus arming the intellect with the tools that it needs, but that is only half the journey.

Often, we find that even though we intellectually know the correct course of action, we still have problems making these transformations manifest. Our past social programming, bad habits, and intra-personal issues can interfere with what we know we want to achieve in our lives.

At the Institute, we also focus on the internal work necessary for self-transformation through such classes as; Self-Evaluation, Re-Evaluation Counseling, Co-Counseling, Conscious Living, Relaxation Techniques, Introduction to Meditation, Yoga, and Positive Support Workshops. These classes are all taught with the following intentions in mind.

Declaration of Intention:

The Power of Your Words Shall Make It So

  • I am here to love myself.
  • I am here to reestablish a relationship of gentleness and kindness with myself.
  • As I do this for myself, I do this for all life.
  • I am here to rediscover that I am born free from guilt, I am worthy and whole.
  • As I see this in myself, I see this in all life.
  • I am willing to let go of who I’ve thought I should be.
  • I am willing to let go of the security of my past self-image.
  • I am willing to enter the adventure of who I really am.
  • I am willing to raise the lantern of self-love so that I may see my inner beauty, my original innocence, and genuine gifts.
  • As I rediscover these qualities in myself, I rediscover them in all life.
  • I am here to know the truth.
  • I am the offspring of Divine Love, a child of nature.
  • As I see the Divine within myself, I see the Divine in all life.
  • The power of my words shall make it so!