Welcome to the Source of the Living Foods Lifestyle®

The Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute is located in sunny Puerto Rico where the ocean is right at our door. We are the school founded by Dr. Ann Wigmore, renowned pioneer in the use of wheatgrass juice and living foods. Our directors, personally trained by Dr. Wigmore, remain dedicated to teaching the purest form of the Living Foods Lifestyle® rooted in the enduring principles Ann Wigmore developed. We invite you to step into our Living Foods community and begin to take charge of your health and wellbeing. Study and relax in a loving and nurturing environment in a casual, tropical setting. We provide the perfect place to reconnect body, mind and spirit while you rebuild and rejuvenate.

Dear Friends and Students, both past and new.

We here at the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute are so grateful to have come through the recent earthquake unscathed. We want you to know that we are open and ready to welcome you. For sure we were “all shook up.” We had never felt that depth of shaking and rumbling from the earth. We are happy to report that all of our buildings are sound, and our classes and courses are going on as usual. How amazing Nature is. The next day was filled with sunshine, clear blue skies and a tranquil, turquoise sea. Life goes on. Of course, it is always helpful to be prepared, and we were. After hurricane Maria we installed our own electric generators for every building and so, we are able to provide electricity when needed. If necessary, we also have our own back-up water supply at the ready. That very morning, classes went on as usual. Of course we needed to process what had just occurred but the resiliency and positive attitude of our students and teachers was wonderful. We are dedicated to continuing to teach the Living Foods Lifestyle®. We want each person to experience radiant health and well-being, and to know what it is like to feel vibrantly alive. If you were planning to come this winter to learn about and experience our healing lifestyle, or simply to relax and rejuvenate, please do! All is well, and we are looking forward to welcoming you with all our customary warmth to our beautiful tropical home. With Love from all of us at The Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute.


Our Programs

At the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute (AWNHI), we are dedicated to teaching the Living Food Lifestyle® as developed by our founder, Dr. Ann Wigmore. Choose from our Two-Week Certificate, or One-Week Relaxation and Renewal, educational courses. We offer a total immersion experience. Learn about the healing power, science and practice of the Living Foods Lifestyle® while you live the lifestyle with the support of your teachers, therapists and classmates. Our courses are the perfect way to begin your journey or deepen and enhance your knowledge. Study and enjoy the benefits of raw, organic, living, and cultured plant-based foods, proper food combining, mindful eating, internal cleansing, yoga, meditation, and relaxation. Courses are offered from November through August. >Read more.

Dr. Ann Wigmore

Dr. Ann Wigmore

Ann Wigmore, D.D, N.D., created and developed of the Living Foods Lifestyle® and was an inspired visionary and pioneer of the natural health movement. She was the founder-director of the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute in Puerto Rico and both the Ann Wigmore Foundation and the original Hippocrates Health Institute in Boston, MA. Passionate researcher, teacher, and author, Ann Wigmore was devoted to her life’s “mission” – educating the world about the transformative benefits of her Living Foods Lifestyle®. Vegetarian Times Magazine stated, “Dr. Ann Wigmore is to sprouts what George Washington Carver is to peanuts. Both are food geniuses…. The next time you see sprouts at a salad bar or in a store, thank Dr. Ann.” >Read more.

The Living Foods Lifestyle®


The Living Foods Lifestyle® promotes the consumption of enzyme-rich, nutrient-dense foods. Organic, raw, fruits, green juices, sprouts and greens, plus sprouted nuts, seeds and grains are blended, cultured, and properly combined for the easiest digestion and the greatest benefits. Energy Soup, Wheatgrass and Rejuvelac™ are key elements. Hippocrates said, “The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well.” This Lifestyle supports your body’s innate ability to achieve homeostasis, and creates the internal environment necessary for a total rejuvenation of body, mind and spirit. Experience the power of the Living Foods Lifestyle® rooted in nature, knowledge and love. >Read more.

The Value of the Living Foods Lifestyle®

The Value of The Living Foods Lifestyle®

The Living Foods Lifestyle®, as developed by Dr. Ann Wigmore, provides the complete nourishment your body needs to be in harmony with nature, heal itself, and maintain optimum, vibrant health. Move beyond health fads and supplements and experience the power of living foods. Living Foods are prepared in ways that make them easy for the body to assimilate and extract optimal nourishment. At AWNHI, we rely on the signature foods Dr. Ann pioneered – Wheatgrass Juice, Energy Soup, Rejuvelac™, and Seed Cheeses – together with other raw, blended, and organic greens and vegetables, sprouts, soaked nuts and seeds, and green juices. All of these “ingredients,” along with gentle exercise and self-exploration in a loving, supportive environment, will start you on the path to your own best health....

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