Class Descriptions

The Basics – Week one of our two-week program:

Discover the foods and practices that constitute the Living Foods Lifestyle®, and the philosophy of self-reliance that underlies all the classes taught at the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute.

Value of Wheatgrass:
Discover the history and benefits of drinking wheatgrass juice for healing and rejuvenation learn how to use wheatgrass juice implants to restore balance to the colon.

Value of Sprouting:
A sprout is nature’s powerhouse! Sprouting seeds, grains, and nuts increases the availability of precious enzymes, vitamins and minerals, and makes these nutrients easier to digest.

Colon Health (Enema’s and Implants):
Learn about the colon and why it is so important to be connected to and conscious about how it functions. The colon is an organ of absorption and a major channel of elimination. Gentle enemas, followed by implants, cleanse the colon increasing the body’s ability to release toxins and absorb nutrients.

Breathing and Relaxation:
Learn breathing techniques to assist in the cleansing process and relaxation techniques to relieve stress and promote a sense of wellbeing.

Ann Wigmore, the Woman & Legacy:
Hear personal stories and recollections about Ann Wigmore; view highlights from early videos; learn about her history and writings; see photos and favorite personal objects. You will get a special look into Dr. Ann’s life and the development of the Living Foods Lifestyle® which is her legacy and her gift to all of us.

Rebounder and Skin Brushing:
Rebounding is a simple and gentle form of exercise that burns calories, tones the body, and stimulates circulation of the lymphatic system. Your skin is your largest organ. Discover how skin brushing aids in elimination of body waste. Learn how to use food to cleanse and nourish the skin.

Natural Skin and Body Care:
What you put on your skin is as important as what you put in your body. Learn about healthy replacements for the harmful ingredients found in skin care products and cosmetics. Learn about body conditioning through movement, exercise and laughing yoga. Experience a fun, self-facial using beneficial foods.

Eating Technique:
The body and mind should be relaxed before and during the process of digesting foods. With conscious eating techniques, you will learn to eat with your whole self, lovingly, not distracted by television, books or talk. We focus on breathing, chewing, and the affirmation, “everything I eat creates health and harmony within me.”

Eating Technique with Music:
This deceptively simple class will reveal unconscious habits and old connections associated with how we eat. By slowing down the process, this eating “meditation” will allow you to experience calm, gentle, mindful eating as you begin the digestive process in the most beneficial way. You may be surprised at the impact of this experience.

Energy Soup:
Energy soup is the cornerstone food of the Living Foods Lifestyle®. Roll up your sleeves and learn how to make Ann Wigmore’s signature dish.

The Value of Cultured Foods:
Cultured foods are rich in enzymes, easy to digest, and nourish the body with friendly bacteria important to our intestines. Learn how to make veggie kraut and seed cheese.

Planting I:
Self-sufficiency was very important to Dr. Ann and she spent considerable time researching greens that would grow well in a home or an apartment setting. Learn how to grow your own food at home. Even if you have a small apartment in the middle of a polluted city, you can create your own corner of vibrant energy with baby greens, wheatgrass and sprouts.

Planting II – Greens and Wheatgrass:
This class provides hands-on experience planting and harvesting wheatgrass. What you learn, will allow you to grow your own wheatgrass and greens at home.

Food Combining:
Different foods require different enzymes and different pH levels in the digestive process. Learn the optimal way to digest foods by avoiding mixing certain foods in the same meal.

Learn how your food is broken down and assimilated as it passes through the body. Digestion begins in the mouth where the first enzymes are released. Discover which foods help digestion, and which foods inhibit it.

The Enhanced Week – Week two of our two-week program:

Expand and deepen the knowledge gained in The Basics (first week). Learn more advanced Living Foods preparation techniques and recipes for Rejuvelac™, sauces and dressings, dehydrated foods, nut patés, desserts, and more. You will also learn menu planning, how to travel with Living Foods, and how to bring the lifestyle home with you.

Planting and Sprouting:
Learn about composting, tray planting, and the care of sprouts and wheatgrass.

Sugars and Starches:
Sugars are the number one type of food that disrupts the “biological terrain.” This disruption contributes to the development of diseases from Allergies to Yeast. Learn how this happens and how you can turn it around.

This cultured drink, rich in beneficial bacteria and enzymes, is a crucial element of the Living Foods Lifestyle. It is used in preparing such staples as energy soup and seed cheese. Make your own Rejuvelac™.

Environmental Consciousness:
What we eat impacts not only our health and wellbeing but also the health and wellbeing of our planet, and the people and animals we share it with. The Living Foods Lifestyle® is a gentle, energy- and resource-efficient lifestyle. Become a part of the solution.

Composting turns food trimmings and table scraps into nutrient-rich soil. Discover how to compost at home, even in a small apartment.

Sweet Treats:
Learn to make delicious “ice cream” from frozen fruit, pudding, amazing apple pie, cakes and cookies.

Dehydration Lab:
Dehydrating food preserves enzymes and creates delicious main courses, seasonings, and treats that can satisfy cravings for cooked foods, enhanced flavors, crackers and cookies. Dehydrated foods travel well. Students will experiment with dehydration and take their creations home.

Communicating the Living Foods Lifestyle®:
When feeling so many positive changes in our lives, we are often eager to share information with others hoping they will also be interested in experiencing the benefits of the Living Foods Lifestyle®.  Different styles of effective communication will be discussed and students will be able to share ideas and personal insights, and role-play.

Normal and Abnormal Colon:
Get an in depth look at the colon. Learn how lifestyle choices can affect the structural integrity and function of the colon and impact your health.

Food Preparation:
Our kitchen classes are filled with recipes, demos, hands-on experience, tastings, and lots of fun. You will learn how to make Nut and Seed Paté, Rollies and Wraps, Sauces and Dressings, and more.

Introduction to Meditation:
Meditation has been medically proven to facilitate healing, reduce stress, and alleviate depression. Students will learn breathing and relaxation techniques to assist in the healing process and create a sense of wellbeing.

Counseling classes:

Re-Evaluation Counseling (RC):
Ann Wigmore wanted our therapy classes to be gentle in assisting us to bring balance to our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves.  We are using the techniques of RC to help students achieve personal balance.

The theory assumes that everyone is born with tremendous intellectual potential, natural zest, and a great ability to love but the qualities have been blocked and obscured in adults as a result of accumulated stress, loss, pain, anger, etc. which begins early in life.  Students learn how to become free from these blocks and achieve a new health-promoting balance.

Our thoughts, feelings and attitudes can affect our physical health and general wellbeing. Learn techniques to develop and harness the power of positive thinking and energy.

Students experience a free exchange of non-judgmental listening.

Positive Support Workshop:
At the culmination of the two-week program, students put into practice the positive thinking techniques they learned in the Self-Evaluation and Counseling classes. They share with their classmates with an openness made possible by two weeks of growing connectedness, self-awareness and wellbeing.

Home Preparation Menu Planning:
This class offers students practical suggestions and methods for successfully integrating and maintaining the Living Foods Lifestyle® at home and while traveling. You will learn how to plan ahead and structure the daily tasks that will allow you to easily maintain the lifestyle.

Please note: Our schedule is subject to change, some classes may be replaced, and content may vary.

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