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Carolyn Marin holds the position of Executive Director and has lovingly forged innovative ways of serving our community while presenting the Living Foods Lifestyle™ over the past 10+ years. She is a senior teacher and therapist. She has a master’s degree in community psychology and family counseling. Additionally, Carolyn holds certifications in colon hydrotherapy and reiki since 2000. She has yoga certifications and experience that has accumulated over the last 30 years. Carolyn has inspired thousands of students on campus, online, and traveling while teaching the power of the Living Foods Lifestyle™. Her energy, humor, and care are contagious.

Carolyn’s previous experience includes working for a non-profit organization supporting women with HIV/AIDS through nutrition and natural healing modalities. Carolyn has held apprenticeships with vegan chefs in New York. In 1998 she became certified as a raw food chef w Aris LaTham (Sun Fire Foods) in Brooklyn, NYC. Carolyn speaks two languages.

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