Programs for Graduates

graduates Our Graduate Students become part of the Ann Wigmore family. We offer several programs to welcome them home to our campus. Graduates can choose the programs that best suit their needs — refresh and renew discounts, deepen your knowledge and experience, or earn credits for future free stays or cash rewards. Here are your opportunities:

  • Take advantage of Graduate discounts and book a Refresh and Renew Holiday (both On and Off Campus Discounts are available).
  • Enroll in Dr. Ann’s Emissary Program and earn cash or credit by referring friends and family for the two-week program.

Refresh and Renew Discounts:

1. 25% Graduate Student Program Discount for Graduates staying on-campus:

  • Choose to stay on-campus and receive a 25% Graduate Discount on program.
  • On-campus graduates will have full access to our supportive, loving and enriching community including meals, juices, and snacks; all classes, yoga and rebounders; dining, social and lounge areas.

2. C.A.M.P. (Campus Access Meal Plan) 10% Graduate Student Program Discount for Graduates staying off-campus:

  • Choose to stay off-campus and receive a 10% Graduate Discount on program when you enroll in our C.A.M.P. program.
  • Off-campus graduates participating in this program will have full access to our supportive, loving and enriching community including meals, juices, and snacks; all classes, yoga and rebounders; dining, social and lounge areas.
    • This policy is in place to support the experience of our current students and to prevent confusion for our staff. It also is a way to allow off-campus Graduates to support, enjoy, and participate fully in the nourishing, nurturing, and healing space we create at the Institute.

A La Carte Options

Off-campus graduates who chose not to participate in the CAMP program, and other visitors who occasionally wish to purchase breakfast or lunch, wheatgrass, sprouts, nuts and seeds, and Rejuvelac™, may do so, based on availability. Call 787-868-6307 for information and to place orders or visit our office. We suggest that you call in advance because these foods are not always available for purchase. Ordered meals and other foods may be picked up at the office for your off-campus enjoyment.

Earn Credits or Cash:

Dr. Ann’s Emissary, A Partnership Program

Many graduates find their experiences at the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute powerful and life changing. When you are home, your example can encourage others to take positive steps toward healing, cleansing and vibrant health. Your passion can guide others to become students at our Institute. To support your efforts, we have created Dr. Ann’s Emissary Program. This program will benefit you, the new students referred by you, and the Institute.

Here’s how you can participate:

As a Graduate, you’re invited to partner with us in this program. When you become Dr. Ann’s Emissary, you’ll benefit from the enrollment of new students who register because of your referral. Share your experience with others, individually or in small groups, and when one or more of those people register for our two-week course and stay in our housing, you’ll earn discounts on your next stay at the Institute or cash. You’ll also benefit by expanding your own Living Foods community of engaged, supportive friends.

This is a win-win-win program: You, your referred friends, and the Institute will all experience renewal and increased wellbeing.

Join us now in this venture. Contact Millian at 787-868-6307 and register as Dr. Ann’s Emissary, or send us an email. We will set up your official Emissary Account, and send you our brochures to share. Your vibrancy and enthusiasm will most certainly engage your friends. You’ll also find some very powerful material in your course workbook. We hope you’ll share this with potential students.

We look forward to hearing from you. With your help, we will share the benefits of Dr. Ann Wigmore’s Living Foods Lifestyle® with many more people.