Ann Wigmore’s knowledge and mission were rooted in her personal experiences as an unhealthy child in Lithuania where her grandmother, the village “healer,” used the gifts of nature as her “pharmacy.” Dr. Ann personally benefited from her grandmother’s knowledge and treatments, grew strong, and became her assistant before leaving to join her parents who had already immigrated to the United States. Though her life took her in several different directions, Dr. Ann was always clear on her mission – to develop and share the power of Living Foods.

Dr. Ann Wigmore founded the original Hippocrates Health Institute in Boston, MA in 1961, and served as its director through 1980. Through decades of study, consultations, research and experimentation, Ann Wigmore created and developed the Living Foods Lifestyle™

She lived and taught the principles and practice of this powerful, transformative lifestyle. She also witnessed the return to vibrant health of countless students from around the world who practiced her methods.

Ann Wigmore went on to create and direct the Ann Wigmore Foundation, also in Boston, in 1987. Then, after determining that a warm climate would be beneficial to the healing process, in 1990 she opened her beloved Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute in Puerto Rico where we remain today.

Our Unique Connection

Dr. Ann Wigmore, Leola and Lalita

Dr. Ann Wigmore, Leola and Lalita

Lalita Salas felt she had found her own mission soon after coming to the Institute as a substitute yoga teacher in 1991. Dr. Ann had been so impressed by Lalita’s sensitivity and connection to the students that she asked her to stay on. Lalita and Leola Brooks both learned from and worked side by side with Dr. Ann for several years sharing friendship and the mission.

Dr. Ann spent two weeks every month at her Puerto Rico Institute (and two weeks at her Foundation in Boston) except for the period of time right before her untimely death from smoke inhalation in a fire at the Boston Foundation building on February 16, 1994. Before her death, she made a change to her schedule and in retrospect, it seems she almost knew some transition lay ahead.

Lalita recalls that Dr. Ann stayed with her and Leola at the Institute in Puerto Rico for a solid 3 and a half months from November 1993 to February 10, 1994. This concentrated time together overflowed with a special intimacy and sharing among the three. Lalita refers to it as a “magical time” when she “received Dr. Ann’s words of pure wisdom into every cell of my body.”

Dr. Ann prepared her Energy Soup for them every day; she talked about the future of the mission and the legacy she wished to share; she spoke repeatedly of her wish that Lalita and Leola continue the work she had started at the Institute; she said that one day Lalita and Leola would become the directors. When Lalita asked her why this change would be necessary, Dr. Ann replied that she wouldn’t be there. She would be taking time to write more and travel to share the Lifestyle with people around the world.

Ann Wigmore died six days after her return to Boston. At the time of her death, she was 84 years young, at peak health, and had more energy than most 20-year-olds!

She would be proud to know that we are celebrating our 25th anniversary this year. With the guidance and knowledge of Lalita Salas and Leola Brooks, we remain true to Ann Wigmore’s principles, and continue to teach this powerful lifestyle to students from all over the world.