The Value of The Living Foods Lifestyle®

Dr. Ann Wigmore believed in the concept Hippocrates espoused, “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” She named her first school in Boston, MA the Hippocrates Health Institute to reflect her deep connection to this philosophy. The Living Foods Lifestyle® she created and developed, provides all of the elements necessary to build the internal environment you need to be in harmony with nature, heal yourself, and maintain optimum, vibrant health. Because many people cannot digest simple raw foods, Living Foods are prepared in ways that makes them easily assimilated allowing for optimal nourishment. At AWNHI, we rely on the signature foods Dr. Ann pioneered – Wheatgrass Juice, Energy Soup and Rejuvelac™ – together with other raw, organic, greens, sprouts, sprouted nuts, seeds, and grains, and green juices. These ingredients, along with proper food combining and gentle exercise, in a loving, supportive environment, will start you on the path to your own best health and well-being….

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