Living Foods Lifestyle (LFL)® Trademark

The following paragraph is from a letter written by Dr. Ann Wigmore to welcome our new students:

“Heartfelt greetings to our students:

Welcome to our learn-by-doing, health-rebuilding center. You will soon be introduced to a new lifestyle, probably quite different from what you have been taught all your life by your former teachers (family, friends and doctors).  There are, in fact, so many different notions regarding health that it can become quite confusing at times.  Even some of my earlier books, like “Why Suffer” (which I wrote over 30 years ago), can lead to confusion.  At that time I was teaching the use of “raw” (rather than “living”) food, and I put a big emphasis on the use of wheatgrass chlorophyll.  Also, the level of disease in our society was not as bad as it is now.  Since that time, peoples’ bodies have become so depleted and polluted that I had to reformulate the program, and I am still constantly refining this Living Foods Lifestyle (LFL)®.”                           

– Dr. Ann Wigmore, 1991

Many students, upon their first encounter with our lifestyle, will ask for Celtic salt, pepper, garlic, onions, herbs, Nama Shoyu, Bragg Aminos, tamari, nutritional yeast etc.  Others will want a “transitional” program to help them gradually adopt Dr. Ann’s Living Foods Lifestyle®. In response, Dr. Ann would firmly reply, “I CANNOT DILUTE MY LIFESTYLE!” Today, we maintain her strict standards and continue to offer the Living Foods Lifestyle® as it was intentionally designed by Dr. Ann Wigmore.

Ann Wigmore’s mission was to develop, and educate people about her Living Foods Lifestyle® which today, continues to be health-promoting and aligned with the laws of nature.  Dr. Ann affirmed Hippocrates’ belief that food was our medicine, but her lifestyle encompassed more than nutrient-dense, enzyme-rich, living foods. She included a complete plan for living a vital, energized life including conscious eating, the means for achieving food and health self-sufficiency, proper food combining, gentle exercise, massage, bodywork, and spirituality. A body in balance is a healthy body.

Dr. Ann knew there would be efforts made by others to simplify, alter, distort, dilute, commercialize and monetize her valuable, groundbreaking work, so, in order to protect the integrity and all of the components that comprise her Living Foods Lifestyle®, she trademarked the name.

Today, you will often see the words “living foods” used to describe many products or places. This attests to the continuing importance and power of Dr. Ann’s work. We are happy to know that elements of the Living Foods Lifestyle® are being promoted by others, however, unless you live the lifestyle exactly as Dr. Ann created it, it is not the Living Foods Lifestyle® she intended and will not bring the full benefits. Ann Wigmore was firm in her conviction that her plan for optimum health and wellbeing was a total Lifestyle, not a diet, not food alone, not a quick fix, not expensive treatments, supplements or potions.

Ann Wigmore trademarked the Living Foods Lifestyle (LFL)® so that the phrase would represent the specific teachings she developed. The directors of the Institute, as the guardians of the Living Foods Lifestyle®, recognized that maintaining this trademark was essential for protecting the integrity and effectiveness of Ann Wigmore’s work. Today, at the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute, we continue to honor and protect Dr. Ann’s methods and complete program. Because the Living Foods Lifestyle® name is a registered trademark, the lifestyle remains meaningful, powerful, and true to the precepts of it’s originator.

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