About The Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute

the beach at the ann wigmore natural health institute

The mission of the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute is to promote self-healing through the Living Foods Lifestyle®, as developed by Dr. Ann Wigmore over five decades of research. Our learning center teaches students how to restore and rejuvenate their bodies, minds, and spirits through the Living Foods Lifestyle®.

What is the Living Foods Lifestyle®?

The Living Foods Lifestyle® consists of uncooked (raw) nutritious ingredients such as:

  • leafy greens,
  • vegetables and bean sprouts,
  • vegetables and fruits,
  • soaked and sprouted nuts,
  • grains, and seeds,
  • cultured foods including Rejuvelac™, and sauerkraut,
  • nut and seed patés, “cheeses,” “yoghurts”,
  • dehydrated snacks,
  • wheatgrass juice,
  • and our famous “Energy Soup.”

The food is high in enzymes, chlorophyll-rich and extremely easy to digest so that your body can receive optimal nourishment while devoting very little energy to the digestive process. This helps the body to achieve homeostasis by freeing enzymes to be used for healing, rebuilding, wellness, and disease prevention. Our gardens and greenhouses provide much of the organic produce we use in our kitchen. Our meals and beverages are all freshly prepared on site, each day with flavors and colors that are vibrant and inviting.

Through this simple natural lifestyle, people from all walks of life can take control of their lives and their health. Since opening in Aguada, Puerto Rico in 1990, thousands of people from all over the world have visited our intimate non-profit center to learn how to optimize their health and prevent illness.